a  collection of live electro-acoustic Improvisations under the nom-de-guerre animalaleman.

all sounds realtime-generated in ios, frequency-manipulated and routed binaurally, quadro-  or stereophonic

via Logic Pro  X, generating and manipulating video sources  in VDMX b8.

Best listening experience will be on good headphones.

(further excerpts to be found at vimeo.com/animalaleman or youtube.com/@animalaleman)

2020-06-10 string

2020-04-14 Locked In So Low  (excerpt of a piece for curt’s “Locked In Locked Out” -project HERE)

hopes, fixed, 2016

w morphmidlow, 2016

2018-01-09 sines of the time

2020-04-05 sings silently

2013-06-26-02 birds and subtleties